Job for Vice President Additional Tasks

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  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Category: Management > Executive
  • Contract Type: Staff Positions
  • Working Locations: Office, Offshore, Site
  • Job Posted: 11:05 on Friday 08 January 2016

Key Requirements

Additional Task

  • Provide the inspirational leadership to the business unit and core team members of the business unit
  • Agree with BoD and CEO on a development and implementation of Business Unit strategy
  • Support BoD and CEO in arranging project financing
  • Develop and implement suitable project monitoring and control process to ensure the minimization of risks, costs and maximization of productivity, revenue and profit
  • Identify, assess and inform the CEO and BoD internal and external issues that affect the business unit, ongoing projects and prepare execution plans accordingly
  • Identify and evaluate the risk to the business unit, company, people, property, goodwill and implement the measure to control the risks

Job Description

  • Build relationships: Establish and maintain positive working relationships internally and externally to achieve business goals
  • Focus on clients’ need: Anticipate, understand and respond to clients’ needs to exceed their expectations
  • Make Decisions: Access the situation to understand the importance, urgencies and set priorities in the best interest of the company and business unit
  • Plan and Organize: Plan the strategies, set clear goals to the reporting team members, monitor and control the progress, create and implement action plans
  • Problem Solving and Strategic thinking